After an Extended Hospital Stay, Your Aging Father May Be Ready to Discuss Assisted Living

Assisted Living in Hill Country Village TX: For the longest time you may have been trying to convince your elderly father to consider assisted living. However, he hasn’t been too keen on the idea. In fact, every time you brought it up he may have shut down the conversation.

Three Things Some Seniors Say After They Chose Assisted Living

Senior Living in Shavano Park TX: Here are three things some seniors have said through the years after choosing assisted living.

5 Simple Answers to Common Questions a Senior Might Ask About Assisted Living

Assisted Living Facilities in Terrell Hills TX: Here are five simple answers you might be able to have ready to go if you’re about to discuss assisted living with an elderly man or woman in your life.

What if Your Senior Loved One is Adamantly Against Assisted Living?

Senior Housing in Hollywood Park TX: While assisted living is one of the best senior care options for anyone over a certain age, not all seniors are going to be open to the idea of moving.

An Aging Senior Struggling with Depression Would Likely Benefit from a Move to Assisted Living

Personal Care Homes in Shavano Park TX: An aging senior may be dealing with a host of challenges leading to depressive symptoms, and if they’re living alone, assisted living could be an option to discuss.

Some of Those First Visits with Mom in Assisted Living May Be Tough

It’s probably not going to be the easiest thing for you to help your mother move into assisted living. Even if you don’t have the time to physically assist her with this move, when you start visiting her in this new living environment, you may have a difficult time adjusting to things. She might, too.

Three Ways an Aging Senior Could Still Hold onto Their House While Moving into Assisted Living

Personal Care Homes in Terrell Hills TX: There are numerous misconceptions people have about assisted living. When an aging senior finally agrees assisted living would be a great option for him or her, if they own their house, they may wonder what they should do with it.

Making the Transition to Assisted Living During the High Heat Days Ahead

Senior Housing in Hill Country Village TX: Summer is just about here and that means for anyone planning to help an aging parent or other elderly person move, whether it’s into a new apartment or assisted living, caution needs to be taken.

Can Your Aging Parent with Alzheimer’s Benefit from Creative Activities at an Assisted Living Community?

Assisted Living Facilities in San Antonio TX: Seniors who spend time at an assisted living community will often report having a higher quality of life because of numerous factors.

When Can YOU Know It’s Time to Discuss Assisted Living with Family?

Senior Housing in Terrell Hills TX: No matter your age, if you are slowing down physically, have challenges, or other health issues, you may worry about your safety at home.