Steps to Keep Your Aging Mother Focused on the Right Aspects of Assisted Living

What are the ‘right’ aspects of assisted living? That all depends on who you ask, but overall, there are many benefits assisted living offers seniors. Too many, however, focus on various misconceptions or preconceived notions they may have about these facilities.

If you want to help your mother realize why assisted living would be such a great option for her to think about, consider the steps below. These steps are designed to help families and friends convince aging parents or other individuals to at least openly and honestly consider a move to assisted living.

Step #1: Know what causes her concern.

What is your mother most concerned about? Is she worried about losing independence? Does she assume she’s about to lose control of her life completely? Does she think that an assisted living facility is going to be employing nefarious staff members who are going to take advantage of her at every turn?

While many of these concerns are unfounded, they are very real to the people who have them. If you don’t know what her concerns really are, you may be frustrated by her simple lack of willingness to discuss it or listen to what you have to say.

Step #2: Listen.

Listening is one of the most overlooked communication skills there is, along with the most important. We can talk about something until we’re blue in the face, but if we don’t listen to the other person, are we making an impact?

Your mother has a lot to say about her own estimation of ability, safety, and concerns. If you’re constantly talking to her rather than listening, you can miss that valuable information.

Step #3: Talk about what she’s missing out on.

What is your mother missing out on? Is she able to visit with friends? Or is she no longer able to drive? Are there activities or bridge games or other things she misses doing with people her own age?

If she’s talking about these things, that can be a great opening to help her begin realizing the value assisted living truly offers.

Step #4: Be supportive, not judgmental.

You might assume you know exactly why your mother is refusing to talk about assisted living or listen to what you have to say, but it might be something you never considered. If you’re supportive of her decisions, no matter whether they agree with you or not, it will help her come to a realization that you truly want the best for her.

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About Sam Vesa

Mr. Samuel Vesa and his wife Elena Vesa are the manager and owners of Pipestone Place Assisted Living. Located in a lovely North Central suburb of San Antonio TX their distinguished fifteen resident, private pay facility provides care for seniors with moderate to advanced stages of Short-Term Memory Loss and other Dementia related illnesses that cause confusion and forgetfulness.

Their compassionate family owned and operated facility is recognized in the local community for the unique quality of care and service. Families often say that after placing their loved one at Pipestone Place they are finally at peace knowing that they can be at home or at work knowing their loved is Safe, Clean and cared for with dignity and respect they deserve.