What Rights Does a Durable Power-of-Attorney Have?

Assisted Living in Hollywood Park TX: Discussing any prospect of ‘forcing’ a person into a specific environment or circumstance is a difficult one. This can be complicated when you’re talking about assisted living or other long-term care options.

3 Things to Look for with an Assisted Living Community

Assisted Living in Shavano Park TX: Every assisted living community across the country is different. Trying to fit all of them into the same box not only does a disservice to the entire community as a whole, it also does a disservice to any senior considering this.

More Seniors Are Enjoying Assisted Living for Those ‘Golden Years’

Assisted Living in Hollywood Park TX: It’s the pessimist who will see the term ‘assisted living’ and think it’s just for the sick, injured, or extremely old people. It’s the optimist that sees the benefits. So, what are some of those benefits?

Assisted Living Can Provide the Support Your Elderly Parent Needs

Assisted Living in Hollywood Park TX: Worried about your elderly mother or father? Maybe they’ve been living alone for some time. Maybe you’ve been stopping by as often as you can, but it’s a long commute just to check in on them.

Convincing Dad That Assisted Living Is a Good Option

Assisted Living in Hollywood Park TX: Your father is living alone, having difficulty keeping up with the general maintenance of his house, and has a tendency to skip meals because he doesn’t really cook all that well. You want to talk about assisted living with him, but because of his stubbornness and fierce independence, you know this is a tough conversation.

Planning a Move to Assisted Living? Three Tips to Remember

Assisted Living in Hollywood Park TX: When a senior has acknowledged their own limitations and the benefits assisted living can offer, has a signed contract, they may be planning to move in a matter of weeks or a couple of months. Here are three tips to keep in mind when planning a move into assisted living.

3 Things to Do Once Dad Is in Assisted Living

Assisted Living in Hollywood Park TX: It took a long time, but your father finally relented and began at least discussing the prospect of moving into an assisted living community nearby.

When Maintaining the Home Is Too Much, Assisted Living Is the Answer

Assisted Living in Hollywood Park TX: Assisted living offers many wonderful benefits for seniors, especially those who may be having a difficult time keeping up with the general maintenance or even cleanliness of their home.

Common Questions People Have about Assisted Living

Assisted Living in Hollywood Park, TX Considering assisted living can be a vital senior care option. For most people, though, they don’t have prior experience with any type of assisted or independent living situation, either for themselves, a family member, or friend. During the past several decades, assisted living has become a much more popular […]

3 Reasons Most Assisted Living Communities Don’t Allow Dogs (and Why You Shouldn’t Sneak One In)

Assisted Living in Hollywood Park, TX September is AKC Responsible Dog Ownership Month and even for an elderly individual who may be considering assisted living at this time, it’s important to realize most of these communities don’t allow dogs in their facilities. There’s a good reason for that. Here are three reasons why this is […]