The Best Way to Approach the Topic of Assisted Living with an Aging Parent

Assisted Living in Hollywood Park TX: When you want to sit down and talk about assisted living with an aging parent or grandparent, especially if you know they might be resistant to the idea initially, here are three things to keep in mind before beginning that conversation.

How Much Do You Know About Assisted Living?

Assisted Living in Hollywood Park TX: How much do you honestly know about assisted living? If you’re like most people, your knowledge is quite limited.

When One Parent Can No Longer Care for the Other, Consider Assisted Living

Assisted Living in Hollywood Park TX: Marty and Bella had been married for more than 54 years. They were more in love in their late 70s than they had when they first met.

Memory Care Assisted Living Is One of the Best Options for Those with Dementia

Assisted Living in Hollywood Park TX: Memory care offers a powerful benefit for those diagnosed with Alzheimer’s but also their family and friends who want the best for them.

What Rights Does a Durable Power-of-Attorney Have?

Assisted Living in Hollywood Park TX: Discussing any prospect of ‘forcing’ a person into a specific environment or circumstance is a difficult one. This can be complicated when you’re talking about assisted living or other long-term care options.

3 Things to Look for with an Assisted Living Community

Assisted Living in Shavano Park TX: Every assisted living community across the country is different. Trying to fit all of them into the same box not only does a disservice to the entire community as a whole, it also does a disservice to any senior considering this.

More Seniors Are Enjoying Assisted Living for Those ‘Golden Years’

Assisted Living in Hollywood Park TX: It’s the pessimist who will see the term ‘assisted living’ and think it’s just for the sick, injured, or extremely old people. It’s the optimist that sees the benefits. So, what are some of those benefits?

Assisted Living Can Provide the Support Your Elderly Parent Needs

Assisted Living in Hollywood Park TX: Worried about your elderly mother or father? Maybe they’ve been living alone for some time. Maybe you’ve been stopping by as often as you can, but it’s a long commute just to check in on them.

Convincing Dad That Assisted Living Is a Good Option

Assisted Living in Hollywood Park TX: Your father is living alone, having difficulty keeping up with the general maintenance of his house, and has a tendency to skip meals because he doesn’t really cook all that well. You want to talk about assisted living with him, but because of his stubbornness and fierce independence, you know this is a tough conversation.

Planning a Move to Assisted Living? Three Tips to Remember

Assisted Living in Hollywood Park TX: When a senior has acknowledged their own limitations and the benefits assisted living can offer, has a signed contract, they may be planning to move in a matter of weeks or a couple of months. Here are three tips to keep in mind when planning a move into assisted living.