Memory Care Can Certainly Provide Comfort for Those with Dementia

Care Homes in Hollywood Park TX: Melissa was getting frustrated. She had been looking after her father for a while. When he was first diagnosed with dementia, neither Melissa nor her mother really knew much about it, what to expect, or what to do.

Simple Strategies to Downsize for a Move to Assisted Living

Care Homes in Hollywood Park TX: Moving is never easy, even for those who are transitioning from apartment living into their first home that they own. For somebody who has chosen assisted living, whether they are excited about the endeavor or not, it is most likely going to require some type of downsizing.

Planning for the Future Should Include a Conversation About Assisted Living

Care Homes in Hollywood Park TX: Planning for the future probably included considering life insurance, investing in a retirement portfolio, and saving money. What it may not have included (most likely not) was talking about senior care options.

Your Mom is Stressed About Moving to Assisted Living: How to Help Her Cope

Care Homes in Hollywood Park, TX Your mom is no longer able to live alone after being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. While she can still perform many basic tasks on her own, you both know the time will come when she won’t be able to. She has agreed to move to an Alzheimer’s assisted living facility […]