Sometimes, Starting a Conversation About Assisted Living Can Be Tough

Care Homes in Shavano Park TX: This wasn’t a conversation Mary ever thought she would have to have. Her father, 82 and widowed, was beginning to struggle with his health and strength.

One Reason Assisted Living Is a Better Option Than Seniors Staying Home Alone

Care Homes in Shavano Park TX: Most people, especially when they are younger, healthier, stronger adults, will hardly ever think twice about having to leave their home. This is one reason why seniors have a hard time letting go.

Seniors Dealing with Vision Loss Benefit from Assisted Living, Too

Care Homes in Shavano Park TX: There are so many benefits to assisted living that it’s difficult to list them all in a simple article. Far too many people, though, are unaware of how assisted living can help their senior loved one with vision loss.

“Hey, Roomie …” Key Advantages to Sharing a Room at Assisted Living

Care Homes in Shavano Park TX:In most assisted living facilities across the country, seniors have an option to have their own private room or to share one with another elderly individual.