Some of Those First Visits with Mom in Assisted Living May Be Tough

It’s probably not going to be the easiest thing for you to help your mother move into assisted living. Even if you don’t have the time to physically assist her with this move, when you start visiting her in this new living environment, you may have a difficult time adjusting to things. She might, too.

Your Senior May Surprise You with Their Decision About Assisted Living

Senior Housing in San Antonio TX: People have this uncanny ability to often surprise those who know them the best.

What is the ONE Question Keeping You from Discussing Assisted Living with an Aging Parent?

Senior Housing in San Antonio TX: There are several questions a person may wish to ask when contemplating whether or not assisted living would be right for them. For those who may be looking into this already, which question stands out the most?

Maintaining Good Hygiene at Assisted Living

Senior Housing in San Antonio TX: As people age they begin to face a number of challenges, some of which they probably never thought they would have to deal with. One of those could be maintaining personal hygiene.

Weather Emergencies and Assisted Living: Have a Plan

Senior Housing in San Antonio TX: For family members who may live relatively close to an elderly loved one in an assisted living facility, they may want to have their own plan in place in the event a major emergency is approaching.

Good Strategies for Discussing Assisted Living for Mom

Senior Housing in San Antonio, TX Your mother has gotten older, is living alone, and is now dealing with certain health issues. Maybe she had major surgery recently, suffered from a slip and fall accident that resulted in injuries, or had other challenges to face. You may have discussed the prospect of hiring a home […]