Memory Care Assisted Living May Be Crucial for the Later Stages of Alzheimer’s

Senior Living in Alamo Heights TX: Coping with Alzheimer’s will be challenging as it moves through various stages. At first, a person may get by with just some reminders and minimal support from a spouse, other family, and perhaps a few friends.

A Difficult Parent Who Refuses Assisted Living Needs to Be Respected

Senior Living in Alamo Heights TX: It’s not easy dealing with a difficult person. When that person is an elderly parent, the relationship can be negatively impacted by a person who is ornery, stubborn, or who just doesn’t ‘get it.’

Signs Your Father Is Having Difficulty with His Hearing at Assisted Living

Senior Living in Alamo Heights TX: May is National Better Hearing Month and if your father has moved into assisted living, you may not be visiting with him as often as you were when he was home. If you live in the same town or close enough, you may have been taking care of him for a while.

Senior Living Awareness: Ovarian Cancer

Senior Living in Alamo Heights, TX The National Ovarian Cancer Coalition estimates that 1 in 75 women will face a diagnosis of ovarian cancer at some point in her life. Though it is often seen as uncommon, this rate of diagnosis means that ovarian cancer is the ninth most common cancer in women, and the […]