Steps to Keep Your Aging Mother Focused on the Right Aspects of Assisted Living

Senior Living in Hollywood Park TX: What are the ‘right’ aspects of assisted living? That all depends on who you ask, but overall, there are many benefits assisted living offers seniors.

Why Adult Children Avoid the Assisted Living Conversation with their Parents

Senior Living in Hollywood Park TX: There are plenty of reasons why you may not consider talking about assisted living with an elderly parent. One of those could involve fear.

The First Three Things to Discuss About Assisted Living with Someone You Care About

Senior Living in Hollywood Park TX: Caring about somebody means you want the best for them. It’s not always easy to determine what that could be, whether it’s for your teenage son or daughter, your spouse, a brother or sister, or even an aging parent.

When is the Right Time for Assisted Living?

Senior Living in Hollywood Park TX: A lot of people have a difficult time determining when it’s time to bring up the subject of assisted living with an aging parent or other loved one.

When Mom Refuses to Visit an Assisted Living Facility

Senior Living in Hollywood Park TX: You’ve talked about assisted living with her, but she continually refuses to even discuss the option. Is there anything you can do?

Senior Living in Hollywood Park, TX: Dementia and Alzheimer’s Care and the Difference Between the Two

There are differences between Alzheimer’s disease and dementia although at times both seem similar. And in some irreversible dementia’s, if prompt treatment is provided, further damage can be stopped. However, whatever was lost cognitively can’t be restored again. In Alzheimer’s the disease is progressive. In it the brain shrinks first in the hippocampus. The hippocampus […]