3 Ways Assisted Living May Help Alleviate Some Stress an Aging Person Is Feeling Right Now

Senior Living in San Antonio TX: Being stressed happens to just about everyone. Unfortunately, as people get older and start dealing with physical limitations, health issues, and more, stress can build.

What Makes an Assisted Living Facility a Place Where Mom or Dad Will Be Happy?

Senior Living in San Antonio TX: Whether you’re looking for assisted living for your mother or father, being that they may be in their late 70s, 80s, or 90s, you understand this is one of the best options, but you want them to be comfortable.

Mom Understands the Value of Assisted Living, but Can’t Let Go of Her House

Senior Living in San Antonio TX: It’s been a long time since your father passed away. You told your mother several months after the funeral that she needed to think about her long-term care prospects.

A Holiday Transition to Assisted Living

Senior Living in San Antonio TX: It’s the holiday season. It’s usually a time for people to celebrate family, friends, and get together with people they haven’t seen in a long time. This holiday, though, a senior may be moving into assisted living for the first time.

New Friends at Assisted Living Makes the Entire Move Worth It

Senior Living in San Antonio TX: May 15th through the 21st is National New Friends, Old Friends Week and when a senior first moves into this new living environment, they have an opportunity to do just that.

Alzheimer’s Care Takes a Toll in San Antonio, TX

Alzheimer’s takes a toll on more than just the patient. It also takes a toll on the caregiver’s health and finances. Also, the states’ healthcare infrastructure will be strained with some states seeing a more than 80 percent increase of Alzheimer’s residents by 2025. What are some of the other issues with Alzheimer’s and its […]