How Can I Convince My Elderly Mother That Assisted Living Is a Great Option for Her Right Now?

Senior Living in Terrell Hills TX: This is actually a common question some family members may have when an aging parent, such as their mother, is showing signs of having difficulty around the house.

Consider the Benefits of Assisted Living When Talking with a Reluctant Elderly Parent

Senior Living in Terrell Hills TX: You know that assisted living would be a wonderful option for your elderly mother or father, and so you want to convince them to consider it, but don’t know much about it yourself.

Having a Positive Outlook about Assisted Living Makes It More Comfortable for Your Senior

Senior Living in Terrell Hills TX: Life is going to throw many challenges our way. For those who know how to best deal with these challenges, it’s a bit easier to stay positive.

Finding Oneself at Assisted Living

Senior Living in Terrell Hills TX: When someone is reluctantly considering assisted living or some other situation, they may not hear about all the benefits it could offer, and they simply focus on their preconceived notions, instead.

Rules, Expectations, and Their Importance for Assisted Living

Senior Living in Terrell Hills TX: After living on his own for more than 55 years, Tim wasn’t too keen on the idea of assisted living. His wife had passed away only a few months earlier, but when his oldest son began talking about assisted living as something to consider, he actually got a bit agitated.

Why Assisted Living is More Affordable than You Think

Senior Living in Terrell Hills, TX One of the most common things people think about when discussing assisted living is the cost. In truth, assisted living is far more affordable than nursing home care and, while it may be easy to point out this is more expensive than hiring a home care aide, that’s not […]