Assisted Living in Hill Country Village, TX – Ask These Questions When You’re Considering Assisted Living for You or an Elderly Loved One

Anyone who is considering assisted living as a serious option in their later years of life should focus on determining which potential facility would be most ideal for them. Just as with most things in life, different assisted living facilities are going to provide various services and options for their residents.

Below are 10 key points to consider when looking into this type of living situation.

1. What is the staff to resident ratio?

This is an important question because if the facility is understaffed and the elderly resident requires assistance, they could have to wait a significant amount of time. On the flip side of that coin, if there are far more staff members than residents, it could increase the cost to live there.

2. Is there a nurse on staff around the clock?

This isn’t a nursing home, but there may be times when residents require some type of nursing assistance. Some assisted living facilities have nurses on staff around the clock, every day of the week, while others only rely on these services one or two days a week.

3. How large are the apartments?

Depending on the needs of the resident, they might not care whether it’s a small one bedroom or a more spacious room.

4. Are there private rooms or will be senior need to share with another resident?

If the senior is concerned about the cost, they may be able to save money by sharing a room with one or more other residents. Private rooms are usually available in most assisted living facilities.

5. Is there a waiting list?

Some assisted living communities have a waiting list and the sooner a person gets on it, the sooner they may be able to move in if they choose to do so.

6. What is the overall cost to live there?

This is usually one of the most common questions asked when beginning the search for the right community. Cost can have a significant impact on a person’s ability to live in one of these facilities.

7. Are there any hidden costs?

Paying a monthly rent should cover most expenses, so it’s good idea to be clear on any potentially hidden costs up front.

8. Is there an outdoor living space at this facility?

When the weather gets warm it’s nice to be able to spend time outside, strolling around, and enjoying nature. If the assisted living facility doesn’t have an outdoor living space it could impact the enjoyment for the senior.

9. What type of facilities exist in the community?

Is there an exercise room? What about entertainment? The more a person knows about the various options available, the easier it will be to make the right choice.

10. Do they have experience with particular health conditions?

Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and other health conditions may require specific care practices. Make sure the facility has staff members around the clock who have experience working with any specific health condition.

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