Assisted Living in Shavano Park, TX – Find a Facility that will fit all of your Senior Loved One’s Needs

Trying to decide on the ideal assisted living community for you or a loved one may seem like a tall order. There are generally many options available throughout most communities in the U.S. Some facilities are going to offer different services than others, and the staff may be more personable at one than another, for example.

When you are visiting various assisted living facilities and trying to figure out if one is right for you or not, there are some questions that you should ask that may help in determining which facility will meet your loved one’s needs.

1. Is the location of the facility right for you? Sometimes your family may be pulling you closer to them. They may be encouraging you to choose an assisted living facility closer to them, though you’d rather be closer to your friends. It should be where you want to live.

2. Is the facility clean? When you visit on a planned trip designated by the administration, it could be a time when the facility is at its neatest. Visit at a different time. Is it clean? Does it look well maintained?

3. Are the residents happy? When you see some of the residents milling about, visiting with family and friends, or in the activity centers, do they look happy?

4. Does the facility give you a home-style environment? Do you feel welcome when you first arrive there and step into the lobby? You should certainly feel comfortable when you ‘arrive home.’

5. Is the staff friendly and personable? You shouldn’t expect every single person who works anywhere to be chipper, friendly, and welcoming, but the overall consensus should make you feel as though there’s a good support system there.

6. Are the visiting hours reasonable? You may want friends or family members to visit you from time to time. If the visiting hours are tight or strict, it can make that a tough challenge.

7. Do they offer activities that you will enjoy? What good are activities if they don’t interest you? Make sure the facility offers a range of activities and at least a few that interest you.

8. Will you have privacy? Even if you’re sharing a room, you should have some privacy from the rest of the residents.

9. Is accessibility an issue? If you require a walker or a wheelchair, make sure that you’ll be able to get around easily enough on your own.

10. Are the private rooms spacious enough? You don’t want to feel cramped in your own little room, so be sure you’ll be comfortable in your private apartment.

When you ask and answer these questions, it should help you find the right assisted living community for your senior loved one.

For more information about Pipestone Place Assisted Living in San Antonio, TX or to take a tour, call today (210) 718-0211.


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