Assisted Living in Hollywood Park, TXAre you tasked with trying to help your mother find the ideal assisted living community for her? Maybe you know that she is going to need some form of care and that she just shouldn’t remain in her home for much longer.

While you may have already talked about this option with her, don’t neglect finding out the right information about the potential assisted living facility that she might be moving into.

Below are three questions that you may want to ask of the assisted living facility that could help your mother know whether this is the right one for her.

1. What kind of activities do they offer at this facility? Every individual has unique preferences and tastes. While you may want to be sure that the community offers activities, it’s a good idea to know what kind of activities they are.

Your mother might not be an arts and crafts type of person, so if the facility is one that focuses mostly on those things as far as activities are concerned, then she could end up spending too much time alone in her room. How would that be any better than her remaining in the comfort of her own house?

2. What kind of food service does the facility offer? Some assisted living facilities will have a full restaurant style facility where the residents would have options each morning, afternoon, and night for food to eat. Others will be more like a cafeteria. Some will allow their residents to cook in their own individual apartments while others won’t offer those kinds of amenities.

You should know what your mother should expect when she moves into this facility before she gets there.

3. Does the community offer transportation? For elderly residents, getting to the doctor’s office, other appointments, or even going shopping can be quite important. If the assisted living facility doesn’t offer transportation, then how would your mother be able to get where she needs to go?

Many facilities do offer transportation, though it may be limited. The more you know about this aspect of living in this facility, the easier it will be to determine if it’s the right one for your mother.

There are many other questions that you can ask about the potential assisted living community for your mother that will enlighten you and her. Don’t be afraid to ask those questions, and more. If the staff are reluctant to hear them, or to answer, then it might not be the right place for your mom.

For more information about Pipestone Place Assisted Living in San Antonio, TX or to take a tour, call today (210) 718-0211.

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