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Personal Care Homes in San Antonio, TXMore and more seniors are choosing to remain living at home for as long as they can but there may come a time when the idea of this just isn’t feasible or safe. If your aging loved one lives alone or has certain health conditions that make it difficult to take care of their own basic needs at home, they may need to consider assisted living.

While there are millions of Americans across the United States who have taken on the role of caregiver to an aging loved one, there are still many seniors who don’t have someone that can do this for them. Therefore, when it becomes unsafe or unhealthy for them to remain living at home on their own, they need to consider other options.

As seniors age, certain health conditions or diminished strength may make it unsafe for them to do things like changing a light bulb, yard work, getting up and down stairs to do laundry, and other tasks. Assisted living is an option that allows the senior to live as independent as they can without having to worry about certain household chores or maintenance and upkeep on the house.

The following are 3 signs that could indicate that your loved one should consider assisted living.

1. Forgetting to take their medication or taking it at the incorrect times or in wrong amounts.

If your loved one can’t seem to remember if they have taken their medicine or not or they are taking the wrong dosage, this can quickly become a serious risk to their health.

The staff at most assisted living facilities can remind the senior when they are supposed to take their meds and in some cases, they may be certified to dispense medications.

2. The senior’s home is not equipped with specific safety devices necessary to help protect them.

Seniors who have a difficult time getting around and don’t have the proper equipment to make their home environment safer can come to harm by any number of ways and no one would know about it for possibly several hours or more.

Assisted living, upon becoming a new home for a senior, will be aware of any needs that a senior may need assistance with.

3. Withdrawing from family functions or other social activities.

Does your loved one seem more withdrawn than usual? Do they seem to have an excuse to refuse any invitation to be with family or friends lately?

Being in an assisted living community is a great way to meet new people and stay active. Most assisted living facilities offer a number of activities or events that seniors can surely find something that will be of interest to them.

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