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Care-Homes-in-San-Antonio-TXYou may be trying to convince your aging mother to think about assisted living. While this may seem like a challenge, especially if she is adamantly opposed to moving out of her home, there are certain things you can talk about that might spark some interest in her.

While she may be refusing to even consider the prospect of assisted-living at the moment, when you plant certain thoughts in her head they can end up spinning around during the evening hours maybe as she’s trying to fall asleep. When that happens, people have a tendency to view things in a different light.

There are three things you might want to consider focusing on that may actually convince your aging loved one to at least consider the prospect of moving into an assisted living facility.

1. The activities they used to enjoy and no longer do.

There may be certain things your mother used to enjoy doing, such as getting together with her friends to play cards, do puzzles, or even go to an art gallery or the mall. If she doesn’t do these things anymore, she could be missing out on some quality conversation and time with loved ones.

Maybe some of those friends have passed away or moved in with relatives who live too far away for your mother to visit. Maybe some of them already moved into an assisted living community. Talking about these activities as though she can still do them may pique her interest.

2. Safety.

If your mother has concerns about her own safety at home, she may be more inclined to discuss the prospect of moving into assisted living facility. With staff members on hand around-the-clock, there will always be somebody who can help her get out of bed, get down stairs, or do other things that require some level of physical support.

3. Quality conversations.

Sitting at home all day can be lonely for anyone, regardless of age. Even though your mother may have been living alone for some time, she might be craving good conversations.

If she has a tendency to call you frequently during the day just to talk, you might not have the time to sit there and actually speak to her. If she moved into an assisted living community, there would be numerous other seniors her own age with many of the same experiences to talk to. That can be a great way to inspire her to spend more time with new friends.

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