Assisted Living Facilities in Terrell Hills, TX

Assisted Living Facilities in Terrell Hills, TXPrivacy is an important aspect for most people. People don’t want family members, friends, or even strangers knowing about their personal, intimate matters in life, including going to the bathroom. As people get older, depending on their physical health and well-being or other challenges they may be facing, incontinence can certainly be a challenge for them.

There are many different products that help seniors deal with these potential incontinence issues, including adult pads and more. When a person moves into an assisted living community, they have every right to privacy. Even seniors who choose to move in with a roommate in order to offset the cost to some degree of living in this type of situation still has a right to privacy as much is they can get it. When a person is dealing with incontinence, they may need assistance from one of the staff members, but just because they do that doesn’t mean you have to give up their own personal privacy.

Here are three tips that can help any senior maintain privacy and comfort when at an assisted living facility and dealing with incontinence or other potentially embarrassing situations.

Tip #1: Realize these staff members are experienced individuals.

In most assisted living facilities, the staff members are well-trained and experienced at helping seniors with a variety of challenges, including incontinence. It may be an embarrassing situation for the senior himself or herself, but the staff members understand they don’t have control over these situations. They don’t draw attention to it and will usually help the senior remedy the situation in a calm, quiet manner.

Tip #2: Avoid hiding the issue.

If the senior had a bedwetting incident, instead of trying to hide the issue or disguise it from anyone else out of the fear of embarrassment with other residents, they can certainly contact a staff member, ask to speak in private, and explain what happened. That staff member will maintain their confidence and help to clean the bed up and get the elderly individual changed and comfortable once again.

Tip #3: Be as open as possible.

By trying to withhold certain information about potentially embarrassing situations, it can make it more difficult for staff members at assisted living to truly help as much as possible. Always keep in mind these individuals maintain confidence for their aging residents and want these seniors to be as comfortable as possible.

The senior should be as open and honest about the challenges they face, including incontinence issues, as that will provide the best foundation upon which assistance can be provided.

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