Assisted Living in Alamo Heights, TX

Assisted Living in Alamo Heights, TXYour mother is moving into an assisted living community and while that provides you a great deal of comfort, you also want to ensure that she remains safe. June is National Safety Month and below are four tips that can help your mother remain safe no matter where she lives, including in assisted living.

Tip #1: Become familiar with policies.

Each assisted living facility is going to have its own set of policies, rules, and regulations. Your mother should become familiar with those as much as possible before she even moves in. It might seem as though staff members are going to always be around to ensure her safety at all times, but your mother will be living in her own apartment. She may keep the door closed, even if she’s sharing a room with another senior to help offset the cost.

As long as she understands the expectations within the community, it will help her develop a positive foundation to remaining safe at all times.

Tip #2: Eat properly.

Most assisted living communities today have restaurant style eateries rather than traditional cafeteria style situations. They have a menu, a chef, and many options. Avoiding eating simply because she’s depressed or not hungry is not going to promote a healthy lifestyle. It can also increase various risk factors.

Your mother should be encouraged to eat healthy and properly, even if she has an eat-in kitchen in her apartment where she can prepare her own meals.

Tip #3: Understand her limitations.

As people age, they often become less able to do things they did easily when they were younger.  Your elderly mother should take physical limitations into consideration and be willing to ask for help when it’s necessary. Pushing herself to hard could result in injury or exhaustion, whether it’s from cleaning her apartment or doing light exercise. It’s important for her to know when, and whom to ask, for help in her new living situation.

Tip #4: Follow all emergency procedures.

Any time you have people living in a specific environment, such as an assisted living facility, there are likely emergency procedures in place. These are intended to keep every resident safe in a variety of situations. Your mother should pay attention to those procedures and follow any instructions offered, whether it’s in the middle of the afternoon or the dark of night.

Following these tips should help keep your aging mother safe as she moves into this new assisted living situation.

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