bigstock Two Different Generations 102753287 2We all have excuses. We make them constantly. Excuses are reasons why we don’t want to do something, wish to avoid certain environments, or maybe wishing to not get engaged in certain conversations.

When it comes to the topic of assisted living, there are plenty of seniors who may not even want to talk about it. Their family, friends, and other loved ones might grow concerned about their safety, mobility, and quality of life, especially if they’re living alone.

Being met with such resistance can cause confusion, frustration, and worry. However, those excuses are often either rooted in clearly thought out reasons or misconceptions. The more you know and understand these potential excuses, the easier it might be to help somebody become more open to the idea of at least talking about assisted living.

Excuse #1: I’m fine where I am.

This is a common excuse. Many older seniors will say that they’re fine. Even though they might be calling family and friends, possibly even neighbors for help with various things on a regular basis, they don’t want to admit things are getting tougher.

To counter this common excuse, focus on specific examples that would show them clearly that their abilities or safety is not as well as it had been a few years ago.

Excuse #2: I’m not ready to die.

There’s this idea that moving into assisted living is an admission that the end of your life has come. It’s not the same as a nursing home or hospice. Assisted living is just that: living with assistance.

It has nothing to do with a person’s health, physical abilities, or other factors. It is simply an environment where people can spend quality time in a safe environment with other seniors going through similar challenges.

Excuse #3: It’s too expensive.

Some people assume assisted living is far more costly than it is. However, when you calculate in exactly what seniors get (a nice, comfortable room, supportive staff, wonderful dining options, entertainment, transportation services, etc.), without the added expense of maintaining their own home, it’s often considered a reasonable option.

Excuse #4: I’ll just be ignored.

Again, there are numerous misconceptions about assisted living and some seniors confuse it with nursing home care. There are plenty of horror stories about this latter form of elder care, but assisted living is more like an upscale lifestyle in a nice apartment community.

Excuse #5: I won’t know anybody.

It may very well be true that the senior doesn’t know a single resident of a particular assisted living facility, but with the various activities, entertainment, dining options, friendly staff, and more, they will meet people quickly.

If you’re being met with this kind of resistance or some of these excuses, hopefully they give you some ideas on how to smoothly and comfortably work the topic of assisted living back into the conversation.

For more information about assisted living in San Antonio, TX, contact Pipestone Place Assisted Living or to take a tour, call today (210) 718-0211.

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