Assisted Living in Terrell Hills, TX

Assisted Living in Terrell Hills, TXIf you are a senior whose family has been encouraging you to look into other living options, assisted-living likely came up. Maybe you didn’t even want to talk about the prospect of moving to an assisted living facility because you are comfortable in your own home. Maybe you recently lost a spouse, friends, or other loved ones and that has had an impact on your personal life.

There are plenty of good reasons why anyone over 55 should consider the prospect of assisted-living. Here are five to mull over.

Reason #1: No more having to worry about the house falling down around you.

If you have less strength than you used to and it is causing you difficulty maintaining your balance, you’re not likely to pull out the stepladder to change a lightbulb, check the smoke detector, or even try to get something down from an elevated cabinet. You might wait for a family member, friend, or neighbor to stop by and ask them for help.

You may be able to get along with this for a while, but at assisted living, you wouldn’t have to be concerned with general maintenance and upkeep of your home. That leaves more time to focus on things that are of more interest to you.

Reason #2: You can be surrounded by your friends.

If you have friends who moved into an assisted living community recently, you might visit with them from time to time, but if you moved into the same facility you would be able to spend as much time as you wanted with them. You could even take part in a variety of activities together that wasn’t possible before.

Reason #3: Exceptional staff members.

Many of today’s assisted living facilities have exceptional and experienced staff members who are not only knowledgeable about how to best support the seniors in residence, but pay attention to subtle signs that could indicate somebody may need more help than they are capable or willing to ask for.

Reason #4: Gorgeous facilities.

These communities today resemble upscale apartment complexes and residences rather than some type of senior living environment. They often have state-of-the-art amenities and facilities, including fitness rooms, entertainment rooms, and four or five star dining facilities.

Reason #5: It is a safer alternative.

For any senior who has difficulty getting around or has felt himself lose balance once in a while will feel much safer because they could use the elevator to get up and down floors, rely on handrails when necessary, and have staff members on hand 24 hours a day to provide the kind of support they might need.

For more information about Pipestone Place Assisted Living in San Antonio, TX or to take a tour, call today (210) 718-0211.

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