Assisted Living in Hill Country Village, TX

Assisted Living in Hill Country Village, TXIf you’ve heard about assisted living and have wondered whether it is right for you or somebody you love, such as an aging mother or father, grandparent, or other family member, you probably have a lot of questions. Questions are good. If you don’t ask questions, you never really gain the right type of information that can help you make the optimal decision for yourself or help somebody else make it.

Here are six things you may not have known about assisted living that could very well influence your decision moving forward.

1. There are plenty of activities to partake in.

Every facility is different, but some of the best assisted living facilities offer a tremendous number of activities that their residents can take part in. These activities can include arts and crafts, games, entertainment, physical exercise, and much more. The only way to truly find out what is available at a particular facility is to contact them directly and find out.

2. It is more affordable than you realize.

Many people immediately assume assisted living is not an affordable option for them. In truth, when you calculate food, electricity, heat, property taxes, a mortgage, if there is one on the house already, and more, it becomes clear that assisted living is actually quite affordable. Again, every facility is different so it’s important to contact them to find out exactly how much they charge.

3. Some facilities provide savings options by rooming with others.

If you or the elderly individual whom you are looking into this option for is willing to have a roommate, he or she could actually save some money on their monthly charges.

4. Many facilities offer transportation services.

Seniors don’t want to be trapped in their living quarters all week, every week. Most facilities today offer transportation services to bring them to doctors’ appointments, the mall, stores, and other places. It’s extremely beneficial and comforting to know that you can still get around when living in one of these sites.

5. Staff members are often friendly, compassionate, and experienced.

There are numerous preconceptions about the staff members at assisted living facilities, but much of that comes from Hollywood stereotyping. Today’s staff members are kind, compassionate, and caring individuals who often have quite a bit of experience helping seniors with a variety of needs throughout the day.

6. Assisted living can accommodate people with a variety of physical limitations and diseases.

Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and a wide range of other diseases and physical ailments are not a problem for most assisted living facilities. Some sites even have experienced professionals on hand or who come to the building on a regular basis to work with these individuals to help them maximize their quality of life.

Once you know more about it, assisted living truly becomes a great option to consider.

For more information about Pipestone Place Assisted Living in San Antonio, TX or to take a tour, call today (210) 718-0211.

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