Assisted Living in Hill Country Village, TXIt’s been three months since my mother slipped and fell and broke her arm. I went through a lot to help her out and all I want her to do is to make the right decision about her care. I can’t keep being there to pick her up and help her get dressed. It’s taking a toll on my life but no matter what I do, she won’t listen when I mention assisted living.

We went through a lot of back and forth in recent weeks about hiring an in-home care provider, but she wouldn’t have any of that. She said that she wouldn’t let a stranger come into her home just so that they could steal her jewelry and everything else she owned out from under her nose. I tried to convince her that that was a rare occurrence and that most caregivers were honest and hard-working people. Still, she wouldn’t listen.

So then I brought up the notion of assisted living and she shot that idea down, too. She seems to think that it’s just another form of nursing home care. It’s gotten to be so frustrating that I just want to throw my hands up and walk away, but I know I’ll just worry too much about her and if something happened, I’d never get over the guilt that I’d feel. So my options are significantly limited.

Until a friend told me to learn more about assisted living. I learned that more than 97 percent of assisted living facilities that were built after 1996 have sprinkler systems installed in each room. I also learned that the median cost to stay at an assisted living facility in the United States is just around $3,300 per month. To me, that’s not bad when I consider all of the expenses that have been incurred –both in health and time that I’ve taken to support my mother- to care for her. This information I was able to glean from the National Center for Assisted Living.

Most of the information that I gathered about assisted living advises to gather as much information about it, especially all of the benefits that it offers, before talking more about it. While I may be frustrated, I know that this is the right option for my mother and I’m sure that when I know more, she’ll listen. Right now, it’s about gathering the right info.

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