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Personal-Care-Homes-in-Hill-Country -Village-TXShelley encouraged her father to move into assisted living a few months ago because all she did was worry about him being home alone after her mom had passed away. She spent countless hours at night wondering if he had fallen out of bed or while trying to get to the bathroom. She should feel more at ease with him being in an assisted living facility but she still worries too much.

There are many family caregivers just like Shelley, who even though they should be able to relax knowing their loved one is being cared for, their minds are not at rest unless they are in control or have a visual on their loved one.

Assisted living offers a wide range of services and should be beneficial for both you and your loved one. Living arrangements can vary as well. Seniors could have their own room or an apartment. An assisted living facility is designed to help your loved one maintain some independence but receive help (assistance) with daily functions they may have trouble doing on their own.

How does assisted living benefit your elderly loved one?

Your loved one could receive help with daily functions such as getting dressed, bathing, meals, transportation, medication management, and more all while being encouraged to live as independently as they can. The staff at most facilities are trained and have experience working with seniors to provide optimal care.

Are you worried about your loved one in assisted living?

Most of the time family caregivers go through the process of researching assisted living facilities that will meet the needs of their loved one. Gaining proper knowledge of how an assisted living facility is run and what services it offers should be enough to put your mind at ease.

If you are like Shelley and still worried about your dad, mom, or other elderly loved one once they move to assisted living, you should address your concerns with the staff. If you are still getting a bad vibe or don’t feel as though your concerns have been satisfied, you may want to look into another facility.

You should be able to tell if your worries are justified on your next visit by observing how the staff treats the residents, the atmosphere of the place, and the overall well-being of your loved one.

Just make sure that your concerns are truly justified and it isn’t a control issue on your part. Sometimes worry could be stemming from the idea of letting go and giving control over your loved one to others. If your loved one is happy, safe, and healthy, don’t let your fears or concerns turn a situation into something it’s not.

Being positive during a transition to assisted living will make a world of difference for your loved one.

For more information about Pipestone Place Assisted Living in San Antonio, TX or to take a tour, call today (210) 718-0211.

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