Assisted Living Facilities in San Antonio TXTrying to sit down and talk to an elderly loved one about sensitive topics is not always easy. It could be related to health issues, financial concerns, or even their physical capabilities. When a person is trying to figure out the best way to approach a topic like assisted living, it’s not always easy to see it, at least not in black and white.

There is a way to talk about assisted living that works.

Not everyone is going to be willing to listen to an adult child, spouse, sibling, or other family member when they want to talk about sensitive topics like elder care options. Some people have various misconceptions about assisted living and simply shut down mentally whenever they hear those words.

The best thing to do is to start talking about the future.

“Mom,” a person might say to start, “have you ever thought about the future?” This is a simple question that can elicit a wide range of responses. The main goal here is to get that person thinking about their future, at least beyond the next few weeks or couple of months.

When the conversation begins this way, that elderly person can feel as though they are still in control.

Far too often people have an inherent fear of losing control of their life. They believe the moment they begin asking an adult child or even a friend or neighbor for help around the house that they will slowly begin to lose more and more of their independence. Their loved ones are going to be concerned about their safety and well-being and therefore try to take over and dictate what they can or can’t do.

This can create a knee-jerk reaction whereas the senior shuts down.

When they don’t want to talk about these topics any longer, when they don’t want to even contemplate the idea they will need some type of help, possibly giving up their own independence, they won’t listen to anything else their loved one says.

However, when they are directed to begin thinking about the future, what would happen in various situations, they may grow concerned, especially with the reality of their own physical limitations surrounding them at the moment.

This is one of the best ways to talk to a loved one about assisted living.

Remember, getting them to talk about their own future and contemplate it is one thing, but it’s also just as important to be willing to listen to their answers because this will provide a great step forward in helping convince them assisted living is the best option right now.

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