Assisted Living Facilities in San Antonio TX

Assisted Living Facilities in San Antonio TXOne of the most difficult things people experience when moving into a new environment is feeling as though they don’t know anybody. For any senior who is planning to make a move to assisted living, if they don’t have friends already in that community, they might feel a bit uncomfortable with this situation.

There are plenty of activities within most assisted living communities that can be highly beneficial for senior residents. However, some seniors may choose to remain in the comfort and security of their own apartment style room as opposed to getting out and meeting others. This is especially true for those who may have certain social anxieties.

Making friends at assisted-living is not complicated, as long as the senior is willing to put himself or herself ‘out there’ to some degree. Here are several tips that can help anyone, regardless of how long they’ve been in an assisted living community or their age. In most communities, there are seniors from 65 to well into their 90s and maybe even some who have surpassed 100 years of age.

Tip 1: Walk around the halls.

Getting outside of one’s own apartment or residential room will expose them to other seniors. It will help them become much more familiar and comfortable with the layout, the different rooms were activities take place, and they will begin to see the same people every day.

At first, they don’t have to say hello or even acknowledge other people, especially if they are extremely shy. Over time, they will become more comfortable when they see the same people day after day after day.

Tip 2: Keep the door open.

When a person leaves their door open while they are inside, it can help fresh air move through, but it’s also a general open invitation for people wondering by to say a quick hello.

Most people aren’t going to invade a person’s privacy, but when a senior sees how friendly and open people are, it can draw them out to begin walking around on their own.

Tip 3: Eat in the dining facility.

More and more assisted living facilities today have their own restaurant style eateries. Encouraging the senior to eat breakfast, lunch, and even dinner down in the restaurant every day is a great way to help them meet new people. They may prefer to eat alone at first, but after a while they will see the same people, the same smiles, and hear the same friendly hello.

Tip 4: Get involved in activities.

Most assisted living communities have numerous activities they put on every day. These activities can be great fun and it can also put the senior in touch with other elderly residents who share common interests.

All of these tips can be great for encouraging the senior to make new friends at their new assisted living home.

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