Assisted Living Facilities in San Antonio TX: Stepping Out of One’s ‘Shell’ at Assisted Living

Assisted Living Facilities in San Antonio TX: Stepping Out of One’s ‘Shell’ at Assisted Living

Some people are shy. Some people have a difficult time meeting others, making new friends, and even considering a new living situation. If a person is extremely shy and withdrawn, making a move to assisted living can seem overwhelming.

It’s not always easy to get out of one’s ‘shell.’

They might have a tendency to keep the door closed, stay in the room, and avoid interacting with other residents. It’s important to allow these people, whether it’s a mother or father, brother or sister, or somebody else you care about tremendously, to have the time they need to adjust to this new living situation. It’s also a good idea to rely on the experience of the staff members at whatever assisted living facility they chose.

Keep encouraging them in a positive manner.

It’s important not to get frustrated with them. Don’t threaten them, telling them you are just going to move them into your house if they don’t start getting out of this shell of theirs, or anything like that. Instead, encourage them.

Talk about the dining facility. Ask them if they had the opportunity to check out the facility. What was on the menu? Did they order food to be brought to their room, if that’s available, or did they actually go down and eat?

If they went down to eat, ask them about the staff. Get the conversation going. They may simply keep to themselves, eat at a table by themselves, and not really say much to anyone, but these simple questions can get them thinking. When you begin opening the conversation up, it can actually help a person feel more comfortable in their surroundings, even though you might not be there with them at that time.

If you have the opportunity, stop by and visit.

You certainly don’t want to visit too much because then they will anticipate the next visit, instead of getting involved in whatever the assisted living facility has to offer. But if you stop by and visit, encourage them to show you around. Ask questions as they are walking you throughout the facility.

Stop and meet people. Start the conversation.

Some people simply have a difficult time beginning a conversation with strangers, but when somebody else gets it going for them, they may be able to carry it on when you’re not there.

Stepping out of one’s shell may take time, but they will also benefit from great encouragement, so encourage a loved one and eventually they will likely begin making friends and exploring all this new living environment has to offer.

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