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Assisted Living Facilities in San Antonio TX: Why Memory Care Assisted Living Is Such a Great Option

Being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s can feel devastating. In most cases, though, a person will have already experience memory loss that starts to impact daily life before they visit their doctor for formal diagnosis. The diagnostic process for Alzheimer’s can be lengthy, but when a doctor has determined an individual is dealing with this disease, plans for the future should begin as soon as possible. Those plans may include memory care assisted living.

Yes, most people wish to remain at home.

There’s something about being home that conjures up feelings of comfort. Being comfortable is incredibly important for most people, but as this disease progresses, it will create more challenges, not just for the senior diagnosed with it, but his or her immediate support system, which could include a spouse, adult children, friends, neighbors, and possibly even others who seek to help.

When should assisted living be considered?

Every option should be laid out on the table, so to speak, and discussed openly and honestly with this aging senior. Even though this individual may immediately shoot down the idea of memory care assisted living, they should understand exactly what it can offer in the future.

They need to be honest with themselves about what will happen in the years ahead. Right now they may feel fully capable of taking care of themselves with only minimal reminders about appointments, conversations they had recently, and other aspects of daily life. That will change.

There will come a time when they will become confused about where they are, not recognize the person helping them, and that can lead to increasing levels of stress, anxiety, frustration, and even physical and verbal outbursts. Most of the time these outbursts are not willful, but rather byproducts of intense fear, anxiety, and confusion.

Experienced staff members at memory care assisted living will already anticipate these issues and have some of the best strategies in place to provide comfort and safety for each senior living at their facility who has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or another type of dementia.

The earlier an elderly person with Alzheimer’s chooses assisted living that is specifically experienced at handling these types of dementia, the better it will be for them as the disease progresses. If they suddenly are moved into memory care assisted living, it will take a while for them to become comfortable and familiar with their surroundings and that will compound the stress and anxiety they might feel in the years ahead.

Make no mistake, though, memory care assisted living is one of the best options for those dealing with the advanced stages of Alzheimer’s, regardless of when they first move in.

For more information about assisted living facilities in San Antonio, TX, contact Pipestone Place Assisted Living or to take a tour, call today (210) 718-0211.

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