Effective Responses to the 3 Most Common Excuses a Senior May Use to Avoid Assisted Living

Effective Responses to the 3 Most Common Excuses a Senior May Use to Avoid Assisted Living

Some people have an extremely difficult time even contemplating major life changes. When a senior has been approached, either by an adult child or some other family member or friend, about moving into assisted living, they may have some common excuses about why they don’t even want to think about it.

Overcoming those initial reactions, those excuses, can be instrumental at helping them see this could be extremely beneficial for them and their future. Here are some ways to respond to those three most common excuses people may use.

Common Excuse #1: Don’t worry about me.

It’s easy for people to tell their loved ones not to worry about them, but that doesn’t really stop them. An elderly parent, for example, may be unwilling to relinquish control of their life. They may have a difficult time seeing their adult child as being better suited to provide care and support for them. They may not wish to lose independence and assume assisted living would do just that.

The best way to counter this statement is to let the senior know that you can’t simply turn off your concerns. Explain how you’ve been sitting up late at night worrying about them, you’ve noticed the various challenges they face every day, and maybe even point to specific instances that cause you extreme concern.

Common Excuse #2: I’m not moving into a nursing home!

A lot of people unfortunately associate assisted living with nursing home care. The two are not anything alike.
The best way to respond to this excuse is to explain the significant differences between the two. While this elderly person may need some type of medical care on a regular basis, they might still be able to get that from assisted living. Assisted living is more about providing a comfortable living environment where men and women can live as independently as they want. It’s basically like an upscale apartment for seniors.

Common Excuse #3: I don’t want to be surrounded by old people.

Far too often many of us underestimate our actual age. We may see a reflection in the mirror and not recognize the person looking back at us. We don’t want to believe we are in our 70s, 80s, or even our 90s. We certainly don’t want to be surrounded by others our own age.

Some people assume assisted living is only for those in their 80s or 90s, but people in their late 60s and 70s can still enjoy it. Countering this excuse by explaining the general demographics of an assisted living facility may help to persuade the senior to consider this option.

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