Assisted Living Facilities in Shavano Park TX: How Often Should You Visit Mom at Assisted Living?

Assisted Living Facilities in Shavano Park TX: How Often Should You Visit Mom at Assisted Living?

It’s been a few days since your mother finally moved into an assisted living community. You were relieved when she decided to choose this for her future, even though you may have concerns about how long she will be there.

At first, because you want to make her transition as comfortable for her as possible, you’ve been stopping by to visit with her. You stop by on your way to work to check in on her during the morning hours, had breakfast with her a few times, stopped off on your lunch break, stopped in after work and spent the evening with her, and you’ve been doing this all with the express purpose of helping her be more comfortable in this new living situation.

What you begin to notice, though, is she isn’t talking about the crafts, the activities, the entertainment, or even about people she should have met by now. She doesn’t seem to say much of anything about what’s going on around the community.

In fact, she simply doesn’t know what’s available.

That’s when you begin to realize she is not exploring her living environment like she should. Maybe that’s because you’ve been stopping by so frequently she wants to be at home in her room when you arrive.

It’s important that seniors have an opportunity to get out, engage with other elderly residents, explore the various activities, entertainment, and other benefits this new living environment offers. If you are stopping by every single day, in the morning, in the afternoon, in the evening, and you’re spending several hours at a time with her, she has no reason to get up and explore. It may actually feel no different to her to stay in her room than it did to remain in her house.

Temper your desire to stop by and offer her some type of comfort. Realize that she needs an opportunity to be encouraged to explore the area, meet new people, make new friends, and discover all of the benefits this new living environment has to offer her.

It can be difficult especially when you’re concerned about her safety, emotional well-being, or other factors, but if you chose a quality community, you can rest assured knowing that the staff and residents are all there to provide support for one another. When you learn to let go and trust in this new environment for her, she will more likely step out of her comfort zone and explore her new home environment.

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