Assisted Living Facilities in Shavano Park TX:  Technology and Assisted Living

Assisted Living Facilities in Shavano Park TX: Technology and Assisted Living

Technology is becoming a more significant component of almost every facet of life. We have electric toothbrushes that will indicate when it’s time to move on to the next ‘quadrant’ of our mouth. We have devices that will answer our questions, turn on our favorite music, or even give us an update on the latest traffic issues before we head out for work. At assisted living communities all across the country, technology is also becoming a much more significant component at improving quality of life and safety for many of those residents.

Every facility is different, and some may not be taking full advantage of the latest technologies.

For those that are staying on the cutting edge of technology, communication among staff and possibly residents and their families could be dramatically improved. There may be email opportunities for people to check in on their aging parents or grandparents who have just moved into a particular facility. There might be daily updates on the types of activities residents took part in, whether some need help in the mornings getting out of bed or taking a shower, or even digital reminders about when it’s time to take certain prescription medications or for doctor’s appointments that may be coming up.

There may even be technology that is intended to make it easier for residents to figure out what’s going on any given day.

For some seniors, especially those who have resisted the pull towards technology for these past couple of decades, they might feel completely lost. There might be tablets or touchscreens in the hallway intended to help guide them to some other part of the building where a particular activity might be going on. They are intimidated by this technology and it can make comfort more difficult to achieve.

This is when staff should be leaned on more.

Many of the staff at a quality assisted living community will not only have a clear understanding about the technology they rely upon for their residents, but also be more than willing to help each resident not only navigate those technologies, but become more familiar with them.

More often than not a lack of familiarity with something is the primary reason people avoid doing certain things or using certain objects or items. With just a subtle reminder and some extra patience, residents at many assisted living communities across the country can enjoy a higher quality of life and increased comfort with the assistance of the right technologies.

For more information about assisted living facilities in Shavano Park, TX, contact Pipestone Place Assisted Living or to take a tour, call today (210) 718-0211.

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