Assisted Living Facilities in Terrell Hills TX: 4 Questions to Ask Yourself When Contemplating Assisted Living for Mom

Assisted Living Facilities in Terrell Hills TX: 4 Questions to Ask Yourself When Contemplating Assisted Living for Mom

You’ve been kicking the idea about assisted living around for some time. This is not for yourself, but your mother. She’s been widowed, living alone for several years, and many of her friends have either passed away or moved out of the area. She seems to spend most of her time alone and you worry about her. Not only do you worry about her emotional state of mind, you worry about her safety. You started thinking about assisted living, and if you haven’t brought the topic up with her, here are four questions to ask yourself right now.

Question #1: What does she want?

Far too often it’s easy for us as family members to be concerned about the welfare, safety, and overall well-being of our aging parents, grandparents, and other family members that we don’t actually think about what they want. We keep seeing all of the worst-case scenarios playing over and over in our mind, especially late at night when we can’t sleep.

What you need to find out is what she expects for her future, what she prefers, and what she truly desires. She may very well be keen on the idea of assisted living, but it should always be her decision.

Question #2: Do you know a lot about it?

Too many people have this misconception that assisted living and nursing home care are essentially synonymous. They are worlds apart, so it’s important to have a firm grasp about what assisted living is, what it offers, and whether or not this would be beneficial for your mother at this point in her life.

Question #3: Is it affordable?

There are ways seniors can save money when considering assisted living, including sharing a room with another elderly resident. Medicare and Medicaid services will not pay for assisted living, but there are certain types of insurance that can help.

You need to be clear on whether or not this is something your mother could even afford, whether she relies on financial assistance from you or other family members or pays for it completely on her own.

Question #4: Would you want to live there?

This is an important question. When we begin expressing to our aging parents what we think is best, we need to put ourselves in their shoes, so to speak. When you begin researching assisted living facilities in the area, could you ever envision yourself wanting to live there if you were faced with the same challenges your mother is right now? If so, why? The reasons why could provide you a great launching point to begin having this conversation.

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