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Assisted Living in Alamo Heights TXIt’s easy to take all of your abilities for granted for most of your life. However, at some point in time there is an increased risk of having vision related problems, hearing loss, and difficulty getting around. For the senior who has developed some type of hearing loss, making any major change can be traumatic.

For seniors who are planning to move into assisted living, hearing loss or other physical disabilities can make that transition much more difficult than it may have been otherwise. Deaf History Month falls between March 13th and April 15th and it’s a good opportunity to discuss how other seniors have coped with hearing loss when making this important transition in their life.

Relying on hearing aids.

Hearing aids can do a great benefit for a senior who has been experiencing hearing loss. Not everyone will be able to rely on hearing aids because of the level of hearing loss they have experienced. However, relying on hearing aids can do wonders to help these seniors capture the sounds that surround them. It also makes it much easier to hear what other people are telling them.

Relying on support.

Family and friends can offer a great deal of support, not just physical but emotional. The senior can rely on this level of support to help them feel more comfortable when making a significant move.

Another type of support that seniors can rely on comes in the form of staff members at their new home at the assisted living facility. Most of the staff members will have a great deal of experience working with seniors who have a number of physical challenges, including hearing loss.

While it may not be practical to learn sign language fluently by the time the senior moves into assisted living, if they know some signs it is most likely there are staff members who can communicate with them and that can help them feel more comfortable.

Connecting with other seniors dealing with similar issues.

When the senior moves into assisted living they will likely be surrounded by a number of other elderly individuals who are dealing with hearing loss, vision problems, and other physical challenges. This creates a sense of camaraderie and can help the elderly individual feel more comfortable and relaxed in this new living situation.

Hearing loss can certainly be challenging for anyone to deal with, and making a significant move can create added stress as a result. Keep in mind that a move to assisted living is a great option for any senior to consider.

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