Assisted Living in Alamo Heights TX

Assisted Living in Alamo Heights TXAt what point is it time to sit down and have a serious and honest conversation with your mother about assisted living? This is a common question a lot of family members have when they worry about the safety and well-being of their loved ones.

The last thing you want to do is upset her, cause her to get angry, and not answer your calls or allow you to stop by for a visit for a while. Maybe that’s happened in the past. If it has, it can cause you trepidation and the desire to avoid those confrontations in the future.

So how can you tell when it’s time to actually talk about these important topics?

You need to use a reasonable assessment about the situation. Is your mother spending most of her time alone? Does she seem withdrawn, depressed, and isolated? Does she have a tendency to talk about friends she misses, things she used to do and would love to do again, or other aspects of life with which she’s not completely happy?

Any of those situations can be a good starting point to begin discussing assisted living. That’s because your mother could begin meeting new friends, reconnecting with old friends, and staying a lot more active on a daily basis if she moved into an assisted living community.

How to bring up the topic.

It’s not always easy for people to talk about uncomfortable topics, especially when it comes to senior care. You don’t want to insult your mother or make her feel as though you want her somewhere else so you don’t have to worry about her anymore. That’s not the case. Far too many people have certain preconceived notions about assisted living and other senior care options that cause them to become frustrated with the family members for even bringing it up.

The best way to bring up the topic of assisted living is to ask questions and listen.

Ask your mother what she’s doing, on average, every day. Then ask her what she would like to be doing. You may find she misses her friends, conversations, playing card games, and doing other activities with people her own age. That could be a great way to start talking about assisted living as a viable option.

You know your mother well and you need to respect her independence. She has every right to determine what happens with and in her life right now. Even if you think she’s unsafe at home alone, you need to respect her desire to live where she wants. That doesn’t mean you can’t talk about assisted living with her. The more you learn about it, the easier it’s going to be for you to bring up the topic with her and, ultimately, help her realize the sheer benefit this can offer her life right now.

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