Assisted Living in Alamo Heights TX: How Can You Support an Aging Parent When You Live So Far Away?

Assisted Living in Alamo Heights TX: How Can You Support an Aging Parent When You Live So Far Away?

The ‘nuclear family’ is not nearly as common as it once had been. The family structure has broken apart over the years and as people move all across the country and in some cases around the world in pursuit of careers and other endeavors, they leave their parents, siblings, and others behind. For those who may live on the other side of the country from their aging parents, when they suddenly recognize those parents are having trouble with their own basic care, it seems like there’s nothing they can do.

There are options.

Assisted living is one of the best options to consider for people over the age of 65. Many people immediately assume assisted living is like nursing home care, but the two are nothing alike.

It all depends on the situation, of course. If an elderly person or couple have a lot of physical support from friends, neighbors, or other family members, they might prefer to remain where they are, in the comfort of their own home. For a senior who lives alone and has little in the way of support from friends or neighbors or possibly even other family members, every day could be an extreme challenge.

For these men and women, an adult child or other relative living thousands of miles away doesn’t offer the same kind of help. Sure, that person can call and check in on the senior every day or even multiple times a day, but beyond that there’s not much they can do.

This is where assisted living can be a valuable asset.

A quality assisted living community will provide a wide range of supports for elderly residents. Many men and women ultimately live quite independently, rarely requiring any direct assistance from a staff member or even another resident.

These communities also put seniors in close contact with their peers, other men and women who share common interests. They might have a similar preference for entertainment, games, and other activities. For seniors who have diminished strength or are recovering from a medical emergency, after they spent a few days or weeks in a nursing home, the staff at a quality assisted living community will often provide some level of physical support when needed.
Before talking about assisted living as an option for an elderly family member who lives across the country, it’s advisable to learn as much as possible about it to help counter any common misconceptions he or she might have and this often gets them thinking about this in a positive light.

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