Assisted Living in Hill Country Village TX: 3 Things Your Mom May Need to Help Her with This Move to Assisted Living

Assisted Living in Hill Country Village TX: 3 Things Your Mom May Need to Help Her with This Move to Assisted Living

As your mother gets ready to move into assisted living, she needs to understand exactly what she can bring with her, what she will need to take, and what expectations there are at this new living facility.

Here are three things that some seniors may actually need to bring along with them for this move into assisted living, not just for comfort, but some items for safety.

1. Mementos.

This can include trinkets that her grandchildren made for her, pictures, picture frames, photo albums, and much more. These mementos will be what surrounds her in this room. Every facility is different so make sure you contact an administrator at the facility your mother has chosen to find out exactly what she can bring and what is not permitted.

If your mother is allowed to bring along a few wall pictures or hangings, find out which ones have the most sentimental value to her. It might not look great, but if it offers a great deal of comfort, it’s worth considering bringing along.

2. Adequate support.

When your mother makes this transition to assisted living, it’s going to be a tough situation for her. She might have trouble making the adjustment. Whether she’s shy or an outgoing individual, she might be nervous. Phone calls, a few visits, and more can be the kind of support she needs that make this transition a bit more comfortable and smoother for her.

If your mother doesn’t have anyone but you living in the area, don’t assume you have to stop by every single day. That’s actually not the best thing to do. If you stop by every day, call every couple of hours to check on her, she might get in the habit of just being in her room because she doesn’t want to miss your call.

However, if she’s nervous, feeling depressed, anxious, or second-guessing her decision, simply offer the kind of support she needs until she becomes more comfortable with her new surroundings.

3. Entertainment.

There will be entertainment at the facility, but your mother may prefer her own entertainment, such as having her own TV, DVD player, or other items. She may enjoy reading, so make sure she can bring along a certain number of books. Find out if there’s a library close by and if the facility will provide transportation to get there and back.
This can help your mother make this move to assisted living more comfortable.

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