One of the things you’ll really enjoy about living in the assisted living center is that the transportation for your doctor visits is provided! You no longer have to worry about driving yourself there or phoning friends and relatives to see who can take you. It’s just as important now to keep up to date on your vision and hearing tests as it ever has been.

Any problems in vision when caught early always leads to a better outcome than when it’s left too long and more serious problems develop. The vision issues that can crop up are glaucoma, cataracts and macular degeneration. When treated in the early stages, you can still enjoy many more years of good vision.

Assisted Living in Hill Country Village, TXWhat to do to protect your vision and lower your risk of eye conditions:

  • Quit smoking
  • Keep blood sugar and blood pressure levels under control
  • Eat a diet high in vegetables and fruits and fatty fish
  • Use eye protection
  • Use antidepressants with caution

Your hearing may decline somewhat over the years, but there are things you can do to keep your hearing at optimum levels well into your golden years.

  • Protect your ears against loud noises by using foam earplugs which block noise
  • Avoid excess sodium in the diet
  • Increase your intake of folic acid. Think of split pea soup, spinach, egg yolks, orange juice or whole grain bread.
  • Don’t ignore sudden hearing loss. Even noticeable gradual hearing loss should be reported
  • Keep on moving and exercising. It increases blood flow to the ears and every cell of the body
  • Keep blood sugar at a healthy level
  • If you notice hearing changes related to medication you are taking, check with your doctor

Yearly check-ups are the best way for catching a potential problem in the early stages. Going hand in hand with yearly visits, make sure you promptly report and vision or hearing problems to your health professional so it can be checked out right away.

Hearing and sight could be considered two of the most important senses. They are what connect us to the outside world. They are what we use in social gatherings. It’s how we see and communicate with our friends and loved ones. Each time you go for your yearly check-up, make an appointment for the next check-up and ask for a reminder phone call a week before the appointment so you don’t forget.

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