Assisted Living in Hill Country Village TX: The Best Ways to Help an Aging Senior Move into Assisted LivingChoosing assisted living is a very personal decision. When an elderly person reaches a point when they struggle with their own basic care at home, they may be open to a number of options. Assisted living is one of the best, especially for those who want to enjoy a higher quality of life, be surrounded by peers their own age, and wish to stay as active as possible.

Once a person has decided on assisted living, it’s time to seriously plan this move. The longer a person has been living in the same house or apartment, the more stuff they will have acquired through the years and that can make a move more challenging. Here are a few ways to help an aging senior with this new adjustment and move into assisted living.

First, start early.

Depending on the facility, there may be a waiting period for getting into the room. It might be a month, two months, or some other length of time. No matter when the senior will be able to move in, they should start going through their possessions, packing, and figuring out what they are allowed to bring with them and what they want to take.

Delaying anything, even by a couple of weeks, can lead to unnecessary stress and anxiety at the last minute.

Second, secure plenty of physical help.

The assisted living facility may have basic furniture or they may allow their residents to bring a bed, dresser, recliner, and other basic items with them. It’s best not to try and move all this yourself with one or two people, but instead secure plenty of individuals who can help on the day of the move.

This will not only reduce stress and anxiety for the elderly person, but whoever is helping on that day.

Third, go at the pace the senior is comfortable with.

Each person is different and it may take this senior a bit more time to accept this new reality in life. If she wants to slow down with packing, giving away things, or moving items into storage, slow down, if you can. Figure out a pace that works best for this aging individual.

Lastly, remain positive.

Even as things get tense, the stress builds, and the frustration mounts, remain positive. How you act and react will have a direct influence on this elderly person’s demeanor, outlook, and more.

When you focus on these ways to help an aging senior move into assisted living, it starts this new life for them on the right foot.

For more information about assisted living in Hill Country Village, TX, contact Pipestone Place Assisted Living or to take a tour, call today (210) 718-0211.

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