Assisted Living in Hollywood Park TX: Assisted Living Can Provide the Support Your Elderly Parent Needs

Assisted Living in Hollywood Park TX: Assisted Living Can Provide the Support Your Elderly Parent Needs

Worried about your elderly mother or father? Maybe they’ve been living alone for some time. Maybe you’ve been stopping by as often as you can, but it’s a long commute just to check in on them. You might call frequently to make sure he or she is safe, that they don’t need anything, and to ask if there’s anything you could possibly do for them at this moment. Over time, you begin to realize they need more support. So, what options are there?

Assisted living is a great option to consider.

A lot of people take it upon themselves to begin caring for aging or disabled loved ones. They assume this is their responsibility. After all, many parents were there for their children, even well into adulthood, when they began pursuing their own interests, going to school, and even making mistakes with work, relationships, and other major life changes.

Because those parents were there for their young children, those adult children feel like they owe it to their mother, father, or other loved one to take care of them.

No matter how a person feels about responsibility, it’s important to measure all options that are available. One of the best is to consider assisted living. Why is assisted living better than other options?

Well, if a senior is living alone, how easy is it for him or her to perform those Activities of Daily Living (ADLs)? As people age, their physical abilities change. They will lose strength each passing year. Even if they exercise regularly, there will come a time when they can no longer get up and down the stairs easily or safely, prepare meals in the kitchen, or even do the laundry without help.

They may also have a difficult time visiting family and friends. If they can’t get out and visit with others, there’s a greater chance they will feel isolated and alone. That can increase the risk of depression, anxiety, and other emotional challenges that really don’t need to be a major concern.

At assisted living, seniors are surrounded by peers.

Many seniors are often surprised to reconnect with friends they had from years ago. They also form new friendships because they share common interests with several other residents. There are also numerous types of activities and possibly entertainment, depending on the community itself.

When a person needs any type of support and care at home, assisted living should be an option to consider because it’s one of the best.

For more information about Pipestone Place Assisted Living in San Antonio, TX or to take a tour, call today (210) 718-0211.

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