Transitioning into an assisted living facility can help your aging loved one enjoy a higher quality of life as she is no longer responsible for maintaining a large personal home, but still has her own private space where she has access to the level of care and assistance that she needs on a daily basis. One of the most difficult considerations others is living facility, however, is that the private residences tend to be relatively small. This can pose difficulties of for aging adults who wish to bring with them a variety of personal items, or who like to decorate their homes. Making the most of the small space in an assisted living facility will help your aging loved one feel as comfortable as possible, and settled into the facility has her home.

Assisted Living in Hollywood Park, TXThere are various ways that you can maximize the small space of an assisted living facility. Some of these include:

  • Make sure that the home is painted in light colors to create the impression of space. If the assisted living facility allows the modification of the space, consider painting one wall a brighter or contrasting color to create a focal point.
  • Take advantage of vertical space in the room. This vertical space is all of the area above the floor. Often when trying to find ways to store items or decorate, people forget about the walls. Invest in storage compartments that can be mounted on the wall, or are tall. This helps to take advantage of space above the floor, and limit the amount of horizontal space that is taken up.
  • Resist the urge to fill the assisted living apartment with furniture. If your aging loved one is living on her own, or just with her spouse, she will not need a huge variety of furniture. Trying to arrange several couches or chairs in the living space will create a cluttered and tight family. Instead, choose one or two important pieces that are comfortable for your aging loved one, and can accommodate one or two visitors at a time. If more people than that are visiting, there are other ways to provide seating such as portable chairs, or simply sitting on the floor.
  • One of the most important things to keep in mind about transitioning into an assisted living facility is that these small spaces will not accommodate all of the personal belongings of a senior. When you are planning on transitioning your aging loved one into an assisted living facility, make sure that she understands she will need to cut down on her belongings in order to fit comfortably in her new home. Help her to go through her belongings and choose the items that she absolutely needs to keep, and choose will happen to the other items. This is a good opportunity to distribute meaningful items to various family members, and donate items or even have a yard sale.

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