Of the various relationships that your aging loved one enjoys in her life, her marriage is unique. If she is like many seniors, she has been married the vast majority of her life,Assisted living san antonio for senior couples and can imagine a single day for life without her husband. While this is a wonderful relationship for your loved one to enjoy, it can become incredibly difficult to make senior care arrangements when one of your parents requires more assistance on a daily basis than the other. Anyone who has ever considered moving their parents into a nursing home has found that it is nearly impossible to find a nursing home that allows couples to remain together. Nursing homes generally separate seniors, moving husband-and-wife into separate rooms, and perhaps even separate wings of the facility. This is not only emotionally damaging to the seniors, but can have a serious negative impact on their physical health as well. Instead, it is important to find a senior care arrangement that will allow your parents remain together, but still give each one access to the amount of care and assistance needed.


Transitioning into an assisted living facility is often the ideal choice for senior couples who want to remain together, yet need different levels of care and assistance on a daily basis. While hiring a home care services companion can also offer the opportunity for senior couples remain together, it is often difficult to hire a companion who is willing to take care of two people, and hiring two companions can not only be prohibitively expensive but can make the home busy and cluttered. Transitioning into an assisted living facility allows your parents to move into a comfortable, safe home that does not require the maintenance of an independent house. They are then given access to the exact level of care and assistance that each needs on a daily basis. Care can be staggered throughout the day to ensure that both husband and wife are offered the appropriate services, and otherwise the couple is given the privacy and independence that they desire.


It can be difficult for seniors to admit when their spouses are in need of more care than they are able to provide for them. Assisted living facilities allow these couples remain actively involved in the care of their spouses, while also receiving the assistance that they need on a daily basis. If your aging parents have been concerned about their ability to stay together throughout their senior care, reassure them by recommending an assisted living facility. Tour one in the area and show them that these later years can be a fun new chapter for them to enjoy together.

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