When your parents are exhibiting strange and unsafe behaviors due to the onset of dementia, you will need to start thinking about moving them out of their home and into somewhere safe, like assisted living.

Assisted Living in San Antonio, TXWhat are some of the things that can happen when both parents start showing signs of dementia? Everyone’s different, so the dementia won’t affect everyone in exactly the same way, but there certainly are some commonalities in behavior.

  • Their licenses get taken away but they keep driving anyway (you may have to hide their keys and/or their cars!)
  • Now that they can no longer drive, they hop in a cab to go places but:
    • They don’t remember where or why they are going once they arrive
    • They leave without money, keys or ID
    • You are constantly worried they will end up lost or in an unsafe neighborhood
    • There are egos to deal with. Your parents may not be ready to let go of living independently. In the case of consistent unsafe behavior, you may want to pursue legal options to make these important decisions for them.

Some independent living communities or continuing care retirement communities have the ability to move your parents from independent living into assisted living, so check with the community where your parents now reside.

It may feel like you are all alone in trying to manage your aging parents with dementia. But you don’t have to be all alone. Bring your siblings into the picture, or another family member who knows your parents. Assemble a team that can work together with you for the safety and well-being of your parents.

To help make the transition from their current home to assisted living, take them to the new place and let them look around, see if there are other people they know living there, give them the chance to make new friends. When the time comes to actually move them in, carefully select those items from their current home that will bring the most comfort to them in the new apartment in assisted living.

For example, their favorite pictures to hang on the wall, their favorite pieces of furniture (that the new apartment can accommodate, of course!), and some special little family mementos they can tuck away in a drawer and pull out to look at and give them comfort and security. That will help them a great deal in the transition to an assisted living facility.

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