Martha was having a difficult time dealing with her father as he got older. Her mother and father had been divorced for more than twenty years and he had never remarried. He didn’t even date and Martha found this a bit odd, considering that he was 56 at the time her parents divorced. Now, at 76 years old, Ken was having difficulty taking care of himself.

Martha didn’t realize it, but her father had survived all those years as a single man not by making his own meals, but by getting microwave meals and ordering take out. Now that he could no longer drive, he was struggling to make ends meet.

Assisted Living in Shavano Park, TXMartha tried to take care of him for a while, but he was a stubborn man and he made things difficult for her, always trying to do more than he could and being unwilling to work with her. She decided finally that she could no longer keep up with his daily needs and began researching assisted living. At first, he wouldn’t hear anything about assisted living and fought her every step of the way.

After he took a hard fall one afternoon, though, he agreed to at least consider the prospect. They visited a few facilities and he had a reason to not like every single one. “I want to stay where I am,” he said, but Martha told him that wasn’t a reasonable option.

After some convincing, he reluctantly moved in to an assisted living facility not far from his daughter. From the first day it was a difficult transition. Ken was ornery and defiant and gave everyone, including other residents, a hard time. He couldn’t accept the fact that he was unable to do many of the same things he used to do when he was younger and wanted everyone to know it.

The staff at the facility did their best, but he just wanted to go back home where he was comfortable and where he felt that he belonged. Martha reluctantly moved him back home and was at a loss. She eventually hired a live-in caregiver and her father became more relaxed, friendly, and actually happier. She realized that assisted living isn’t for everyone.

There are many wonderful options that are available to seniors of all ages and infirmities, levels of self-sufficiency and assisted living is just one of them. Having an in-home care provider can have a number of benefits that assisted living simply can’t provide.

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