Assisted Living in Shavano Park, TXMaking the decision to move a senior family member to an assisted living facility can hinge on many details, such as services available, type of care they will receive, what meals are included, and sometimes even what the cost of the facility will be. A family will want to write down all of the questions they have before visiting assisted living facilities and then after the visits, make a list of all of the benefits of each building. Some will far outweigh others. Don’t forget, your senior loved one should be involved in the decision process when you have the facilities narrowed down.

Each assisted living facility will have their own special features, such as a fancy dining area with a good chef, spectacular views from the apartments or rooms, a very friendly staff, a beautiful building, or some may have all of the above. Some benefits might be more important than others to a senior and their family members when choosing a facility. The following are some of the basic benefits that a family and their senior loved one might want to check into when viewing and making a decision on an assisted living home:

  • Having social interaction is a very important part of maintaining a senior’s health. With that said, an assisted living facility should be able to offer its residents activities throughout the week, such as a book club, bingo night, card games, and various programs. Programs can include a school coming in to sing for the seniors, or a group coming in to read with them.
  • It is important for our aging loved ones to get out of the facility and enjoy outdoor activities and take in the fresh air. Many assisted living facilities will offer field trips, which might include going to a museum, a movie, an outdoor concert, or a sports game. These trips can even be as simple as going to a local park for a picnic or getting out for a walk.
  • Keeping seniors active is a vital part of keeping them healthy. Most assisted living facilities should offer fitness classes. These can be as light as a morning stretch or as rigorous as a Zumba class. Usually these classes are upbeat and fun and a senior won’t look at it as a chore, but more as a way to get some movement and visit with friends.
  • During the holidays, it is fun for seniors to have entertainment. This can include a band or choir coming in for a holiday concert or a comedian coming into bring some laughs. Regardless of what the entertainment is, it should bring cheer and be uplifting for seniors.

All of these benefits of an assisted living facility are important for the mental, social, and physical well-being of our senior loved ones. The benefits can even be a positive discussion point if a senior family member is not convinced they will be satisfied at an assisted living facility.

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