Assisted Living in Shavano Park TX: Visiting Mom at Assisted Living May Certainly Help Her Emotional State of Mind

Assisted Living in Shavano Park TX: Visiting Mom at Assisted Living May Certainly Help Her Emotional State of Mind

The day had started out overcast and eventually crippled into a steady rain. It was cool, uncomfortable, and annoying. The world around you seemed to have the same emotion as what was going on inside. You had been dealing with the situation for quite some time and now you knew it was necessary to sit down and talk to your mother. You needed to talk to her about assisted living, but you had no idea how she would respond to it.

You had been helping her for quite some time, but you simply couldn’t do this anymore. Every time you left her house to go home, you worried about her falling, trying to do something on her own, being injured, or even feeling extremely isolated and alone.

You knew, at that time, your mother didn’t have a lot of friends in the area. People simply didn’t stop by and visit with her anymore. She was a very social person, which is why you thought about assisted living from the start.

When you finally had the opportunity to talk to her, she didn’t seem overly excited but more resigned to accepting this for her future. When she moved in, during those first few weeks afterward, you stopped by every couple of days to check in on her. She seemed to be making friends, getting along well, but her emotional state of mind wasn’t quite the same.

As family members get back into their normal routine of life, sometimes we allow too much time to pass between visits with loved ones, whether they are living alone and struggling with their own basic care or have chosen something more positive like assisted living for their future.

This can be a great way to help boost her self-esteem.

Sometimes people connect their self-esteem with the connections they have to friends and family. If you’ve been busy and haven’t been able to visit with your mother, she may feel less adequate. Sure, she can have friends and a wonderful facility surrounding her, but family is still important.

This can let her know she’s cared about.

It’s not just you who should be visiting but other family members and friends, if they live close enough and have the means to get there. The more people to visit with her, the more she realizes she is still important.

Quality time is essential.

Many family members try to take care of their loved ones but don’t spend quality time with them. Rushing around to get everything done before heading home isn’t a great way to spend quality time.

With your mother at assisted living, with wonderful staff members supporting her, this could be the best way to spend the kind of quality time you’ve missed out on with her.

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