Assisted Living in Shavano Park TX: What Catalyst Would Get You Thinking About Assisted Living for Yourself?

Assisted Living in Shavano Park TX: What Catalyst Would Get You Thinking About Assisted Living for Yourself?

You’ve been getting frustrated more and more lately. Maybe it’s your mother or father who just won’t listen to you. Perhaps it’s a brother or sister. Maybe it’s a friend. Whoever it is, you’ve been trying to get them to consider assisted living more seriously, but they just won’t.

Why not?

This is the question you keep asking yourself over and over again. Every time you hang up the phone in disgust, drive home frustrated and angry, or even late at night wondering if that person has slipped and fallen or if they will be okay the next day. You keep wondering why they won’t even consider assisted living.

Would you?

Maybe you’re in your 40s or 50s. Perhaps you’re cruising through your 60s or well into your 70s. Currently, you’re in pretty good health. You’re strong, fit, and have absolutely no balance related problems. You know that can change over time, though, but currently you can’t imagine having any desire to leave your house.

You’re comfortable here.

Most people are. The longer a person spends in the same house, the more comfortable they become. It’s more difficult to even contemplate moving away. But, for a moment, imagine something happening that would change all of that. Is there some type of catalyst that would turn you from seeing this house, this home that you love so much into a liability rather than a comfort?

Could it be safety concerns? Maybe you worry about doing the laundry or cleaning the house. Perhaps the washer and dryer is in the basement and those steps are creaky, old, and the handrail is loose. Sure, those things can be tightened up, but the underlying concerns have to do with your strength, balance, and agility.

What if you were living alone?

What if almost every single day you woke up and realized you most likely wouldn’t have a single conversation with anybody, in person or on the phone? While that might be fine for some people for a while, we are social creatures and over time it will create this hole inside that can’t be filled with hope, books, or even TV.

When you think about things from this perspective, you may begin to realize what could inspire somebody to think about assisted living for themselves. It’s easy to “know” that this is the right option for somebody else, but unless we can put ourselves in their shoes, see things from their perspective, we may only get frustrated when they won’t even think about it.

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