Assisted Living in Terrell Hills TX

Assisted Living in Terrell Hills TXThe first days after your mother finally agreed to look into assisted living, you may have felt guilty. You know she wanted to remain at home, in the house she shared with your father for more than 40 years, where you and your brothers and sisters were raised, but you also realized she needed to consider other options.

You have been concerned about her safety for some time, which is why you began looking into assisted living facilities throughout the region. She wants to remain close to friends, and she was extremely reluctant to even talk about the prospect of moving.

She finally relented when you told her you wouldn’t be able to support her and keep coming over every day when she needed help.

Believe it or not, your mother is probably quite happy now.

There are usually a number of signs that can indicate somebody is happy with their new living situation. For your mother, her transition to assisted living may have been a difficult one for her emotionally, but as May is National Smile Month, when you see her smiling more often when you visit, that’s one of the first signs she’s happier.

Here are five other signs that can very well indicate your mother is actually happier now thanks to assisted living.

Sign #1: She’s busy.

When you call to talk to her you might get her answering machine. You might even have a difficult time talking to her because she’s constantly on the run. If she’s busy, it’s a pretty good sign that she’s happy.

Sign #2: She’s talking about all the friends she’s made.

Moving into assisted living means being surrounded by peers. When she’s talking about all these new friends she’s making, it’s a pretty good sign she’s happy.

Sign #3: She prefers to stay there instead of visiting with you more often.

If you’ve invited your mother consistently to visit you at your house through the years, she might prefer to remain where she is now instead. Before she might not have had anybody to spend time with, but now she has dozens and maybe even more people she can get along with.

Sign #4: She’s getting exercise.

Many assisted living facilities have fitness rooms that seniors can take full advantage of. Your mother may be one of those working out daily.

Sign #5: She simply sounds better.

If you are concerned about depression, anxiety, and other issues with your mother when

you would visit or talk to her on the phone in the past, you don’t hear those concerns any longer. Your mother now sounds happier.

It’s a great feeling when you realize your elderly loved one is doing so much better since they moved into assisted living.

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