Your parents have made the decision to move into an assisted living center, now comes the hard part. They have a whole house full of stuff and what will they do with it all? They certainly can’t take it with them, and most of it they won’t need anyway.

The first to go will be most of the large furniture items. Depending on the assisted living center where they are moving, the main furniture is provided – bed, night table, chair.

Here is a checklist for going through the furniture and large appliances

  • Find out what furniture they will need to take to their new location.

Assisted Living in Terrell Hills, TXSetting that furniture aside, all the rest needs to go

  • Give it to relatives who need or want it
  • Give it to friends or neighbors
  • Have a garage sale and sell it off to help with moving expenses
  • Give it to a charity

Dishes, nick-knacks and other small household items

How many pictures can comfortably fit into the assisted living apartment?

  • Give the remaining family pictures and family mementos to other family members who can start a whole new tradition of treasuring them

Dishes, small kitchen items, etc.

  • Sell at the garage sale or give away
  • Contact local women’s shelters to see if they could use the items and give them for free

Blankets, bedding, pillows, towels

  • Find out what your parents need to bring first. Most are supplied by assisted living facilities
  • Sell the rest at garage sales or give to local charities or shelters

Clothing and personal grooming items, etc.

  • Often when we have lived in a house for many years, the personal grooming products seem to multiply ten-fold. Pare down this batch of supplies to 1 or 2 of each thing. Get rid of the remainder. There isn’t very much storage space in the assisted living apartments.
  • Clothing – Dad probably won’t need those big gum boots anymore; Mom doesn’t need 5 different winter coats.

Cleaning – there will be some cleaning to do once you have sorted through and moved out all of mom and dad’s stuff. See if you can get a crew of family members or even church friends to come help out. Offer to buy everyone pizza at the end and the work will go fast. Many hands make light work.

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