Assisted Living in Shavano Park TX

Assisted Living in Shavano Park TXYour mother recently moved into assisted living. This might have been a long enduring process for you to convince her to at least consider this. It may have been a relief when she finally agreed to visit some facilities and, ultimately, decided this was good for her.

You and her talk often, usually on the phone. You enjoy the conversations, and you know she looks forward to them, but it’s not just about talking for you; it’s also about making sure she’s safe and to try to get a clue about her physical, mental, or emotional well-being each day.

When she moves into assisted living, you may continue those calls. In fact, you might even increase the number of times you call daily and possibly even several times a day.

Is she looking forward to those calls?

You knew your mother was looking forward to calls from you when she was in her home, so you have to assume she will still be looking forward to those calls. Is she looking forward to every single one? Or is she getting annoyed that you’re calling constantly?

You might think that’s absurd, especially after everything you’ve been through together, how supportive you’ve been of her, and her desire to make this move. Your mother may be waiting around in her room for your call, knowing you will call, instead of getting out to make friends, try various activities, or even walk around the grounds.

How often is too often?

There’s no hard and fixed rule. You need to be discerning, honest with yourself, and possibly even speak to your mother directly about this situation.

A call once a day at a designated time is fine in most cases. Your mother could be expecting your call at 7 o’clock in the evening or 10 o’clock in the morning. If she knows when you’re going to call, it should be convenient for her to be there to pick up.

If you call too often, she may cling to those conversations rather than stepping out of her comfort zone, meeting new people, and exploring all the assisted living facility has to offer her. It’s fine to call and check in. In fact, that’s a great thing. Don’t slip out of that habit over time.

However, just make sure your mother is comfortable with those calls, it’s not interfering in her ability to be comfortable and take advantage of all the facility has to offer, and keep your motivations for calling pure.

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