Care Homes in Alamo Heights TX: How Can You Discover What Dad Expects from Assisted Living?

Care Homes in Alamo Heights TX: How Can You Discover What Dad Expects from Assisted Living?

Your father doesn’t talk much about his challenges right now. He may be in his 70s or 80s, living alone having been widowed, and spends most of his days at home. He doesn’t go out very often, most of his friends are long gone, and he doesn’t have a lot of family in the area. He tickers around the house, watching some TV, reads a bit, and takes naps in the afternoon.

Your father may have never thought about assisted living.

This may be his normal routine. This may be what he feels resigned to deal with. If he has never really thought much about assisted living or other care options, you may not have any clue what his impressions would be about it.

Some people are concerned about bringing up this topic.

Are you the kind of person who is worried about how your father will react if you even mention assisted living? Thousands upon thousands of people feel the same way. They know their father is extremely independent. They know he doesn’t ask for help very often because it’s difficult for him to do so. He’s of a generation that basically focused on taking care of themselves and never making excuses when things needed to be done.
If you feel he could get agitated or even belligerent at the thought of assisted living, then there may be a better way to bring it up. You can start talking about his loneliness, the things he no longer does, even though he wishes he could.

You can talk about the friends he misses.

When he begins thinking about these things and is told that some of them may very well be possible once again, he might be more inclined to actually listen about what assisted living can offer. That’s when you could begin asking him about impressions he has regarding assisted living options.

Let him control the conversation.

It’s not always easy to sit back and wait for an elderly loved one to come around and begin to realize the benefits of certain care options. When you allow your father, in this situation, to control the conversation, and you support him in that endeavor, only offering him information to absorb, he may come to the realization that this would be something to consider now, especially at this stage in his life.

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