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Care Homes in Alamo Heights TX: When a Grandparent Can No Longer Live Alone, Assisted Living Is a Great Option

Growing up, Tara had been close with her grandparents. They lived right down the road and she would spend so many afternoons at their house, helping her grandmother prepare meals, bake cookies, do puzzles, play games, and so many other things. She would help her father work in the yard, she would go with both of them to the park, and thoroughly enjoyed the quality time she had with them. To her, those grandparents were immortal, strong, and independent. She loved them with all her heart, and as an adult, she was concerned with their diminishing strength, physical capabilities, and safety issues she noticed every time she went to visit. She knew assisted living would be a great option after her grandfather passed away.

Tara was heartbroken at the loss of her grandfather, but she was just as concerned about her grandmother now living alone after so many years spent with somebody so wonderful. Tara’s career as a young lawyer was intense; she just didn’t have the kind of time to devote to looking after her grandmother. Tara’s own parents had moved south to Florida for their retirement, even though those grandparents wanted to remain in the place they had lived most of their life.

She just didn’t know how to talk about assisted living with her grandmother.

Part of the problem was her own parents expected Tara to look after her grandmother, given the fact she was living still in the same town. Tara understood the limitations on her time and couldn’t possibly be a qualified and quality caregiver. She also had a friend whose parents chose assisted living several years ago and were thrilled with their decision.

Tara had gone to visit her friend’s parents on a couple of occasions and saw the amazing facility, the entertainment room, the exercise room, and the wide range of activities its residents enjoyed on a daily basis.

After some careful consideration, Tara made a dinner date with her grandmother. She took her out to a nice restaurant where they could talk. She asked her grandmother how things were going and discovered she was stressed because she couldn’t do many things she once took for granted.

She also admitted she felt lonely most days and wished for more company. Tara transitioned the conversation to discussing assisted living and was pleasantly surprised to learn that her grandmother had been thinking the same thing, but just didn’t believe it was possible. Together they went and looked at a couple of facilities, went on tours, and chose one that seemed perfectly suited for her and her personality.

For more information about care homes in Alamo Heights, TX, contact Pipestone Place Assisted Living or to take a tour, call today (210) 718-0211.

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