Simple Strategies to Downsize for a Move to Assisted Living

Simple Strategies to Downsize for a Move to Assisted Living

Moving is never easy, even for those who are transitioning from apartment living into their first home that they own. For somebody who has chosen assisted living, whether they are excited about the endeavor or not, it is most likely going to require some type of downsizing.

What does it mean to downsize?

The longer a person tends to live in a house, apartment, condominium, or other home, the more likely they acquire items. These items could be gifts, things they picked up while out traveling, clothing, furniture, and more. Over time, a lot of these get placed in boxes in the bottom of closets, in the attic, or even in a basement.

Before long, when somebody sets up to move, they are completely stunned at just how much they have accumulated through the years. When planning for a move to assisted living, it might be difficult for an elderly individual to get rid of a lot of items.

How can they start?

The most difficult thing is to get started. When a person makes this important decision, they might have a long list of items they want to bring with them, but in most of assisted living rooms, there simply isn’t the space. Not only that, many of these facilities have specific requirements about what is accepted and acceptable within these environments.

Let’s talk about a few simple strategies that can help seniors begin downsizing for a move to assisted living.

Stage an area in the house that is the same size as the room at assisted living.

Determine the square footage of the room where the senior will be living. Arrange the bed, nightstand, dresser, and other items that may be permitted. Then, determine what else the senior wants to bring with him or her.

Then, he or she can see what limitations there are and understand what needs to be donated, given away to family and friends, sold, or put in storage.

Remember, items we see as valuable don’t always have value.

Some people hold onto items because they assume they are valuable. In reality, they may be valuable to the individual, but not to anyone else. It’s difficult to accept these realities, but it is often necessary when trying to downsize ones living space.

There may be certain items family and friends would like to have, especially of sentimental value, and it can help the senior feel good about getting rid of some things they have.

Finally, take time.

It could take a while for somebody to accept that they have to get rid of some things they enjoy or wish they didn’t have to. Give them the time, but when the days are running out, they may need some reminders or extra encouragement so things aren’t left until the last minute.

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